Q: What is Global Art & Creative Programme/Learning Methodology?

A: Global Art & Creative Learning Methodology is a visual art & creative programme that inculcates good learning disciplines into learners so they can become more resourceful & creative.

Q: What is the minimum entry qualification?

A: Our learners may starts as young as 3 – 4 in Junior Programme, 4 – 6 years old in the Foundation level, 7-9 years old in the Basic level, 10 – 12 years old in the Intermediate level and 13 years old and above for the Advanced Level.

Q: Other than the Visual Art programme, do you offer any other programme?

A: Yes, we also have a series of handicraft programmes in particular Clay Art, other than the standard visual art modules we are also offering Glass painting, Acrylic Painting & Cartoon/Comic art.

Q: Could you describe some of the learning contents?

A: Just to name a few, learners will go through a series of creative process such as;

  1. Source, development & management of an idea, Composition (Thinking/Analytical Skills),
  2. Drawing and Coloring through references (Practical drawing & Coloring techniques) through a variety of levels & subjects of interests. Some of the process may require learners to write down their ideas.

Q: Do you offer any free trial lesson?

A: Yes, we do, Kindly call our customer service or nearest centre, our colleagues will be very happy to assist you from there.