franchisee-joanne ooi


It has been 11 years since I joined Global Art, time really does flies. I was a graduate from UPM and previously worked as a Project Procurement & Purchaser in M&E company. Due to the straining working hours, I realized I do not have much time for myself and my family. I decided to quit my job and plan a career that allows me to spend more quality time with my family. When I was a kid, I had a flair and talent in drawing and I won a number of art competitions during my school days. To top it up, I enjoy spending my free time engaging myself with creativity, art and design activities. This led me to the decision to become a part of globalart family. globalart provides me a flexible time where I can juggle between my work and family. Now I can have the time I want to care for my family, to carry out my personal interest and having a career at the same time. This dream would never come true if I had never joined globalart. Being a part of globalart has gained me a lot of knowledge especially on children’s behavior. Today, I understand children and their needs better and more importantly my perception towards art has changed since. globalart has proven to me that art is not exclusively for those who are artistically talented; Art is for everyone as long as they are willing to learn. Over the years, as principal & instructor of globalart, through our unique and systematic teaching & learning methodology many children have improved their creativity, artistic & intellectual ability. Given an opportunity, I would like to give back to the society by giving free lessons to the needy who are interested in learning art. Just like any other professions, there are challenges; therefore the most challenging time as principal was to look for suitable & dedicated instructors. That said, I am blessed in that department and I would especially like to thank Winnie, Mary, Eazy, Joe Ann and I really appreciate the time we have spent together since. Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank founder, Mr Goh, for his vision, guidance & inspiration. While there are thick and thin situations that I had to endure, but it was all worthwhile because my husband, children, siblings & instructors have been very supportive to me and they have been and always will be the constant source of my strength.

globalart Kota Kemuning, Malaysia



I have been operating globalart Centre for more than 9 years. Back then, my brother in law encouraged me to join as a part time instructor.I realized how much I love working with children. Therefore in 2003, I started my first center in Sri Gombak and decided to set up a 2nd branch with my husband and Janice. Today my 4th branch will be opening soon. Initially, there have been many challenges in the beginning, having just 4 students in our first centre, however after months & years of teaching and business experience, today we have an average of 100 students in each centre. Most of our current students have been with us since the beginning of our centers, each student brought us different memory, we are also thankful & happy to have received many warming messages from parents especially after their children have won prizes in art competition. Being part of globalart is being able to live “I love what I do, I do what I love.” We were never bored working here because there are always new ideas to improve our selves, on top of that globalart Headquarter is always there to offer us creative and innovative ideas to improve our business. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mahair Goh & Wife, Founder/Directors of globalart for creating such a wonderful creative art syllabus, not forgetting all the staffs from HQ, for their dedication. Lastly, we would like to thank our families, teachers, students & parents for their understanding & supports all these years, Thank you.

Special Thanks:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my sister and brother in law – Sufea Su & Patrick Lau who introduced me to this business.

globalart Wangsamaju, Malaysia

franchisee-mary lau


I’m an art enthusiast and I have a great passion for art. I was a tuition teacher and was conducting art classes using my own syllabus. After a year, I struggle to create new art programs and activities for my students. One day I stumbled upon a ‘Globbie’ design and I made an enquiry with globalart headquarter and it’s been 11 years since I started this exciting partnership with globalart. The program is very systematic, well planned and easy to teach. Joining globalart also made my duty in my art center and my daily life easier and organized. Due to this systematic structured business it allows me to find time to groom and enhance my personal interest in art. There are many sweet memories with globalart, one of them is the globalart’s National and International level Art competition. I look forward to every year’s competition as I always encouraged my students to be part of these wonderful events. I am very proud to witness my students in action regardless whether they win or lose. Taking my students to participate in Art Competitions at various countries excites me the most as this is the testimony of my hard work in nurturing their talents. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Mahair Goh (Founder) for his continuous support and also Mr. Terry for his marketing advices.

globalart Labuan, Malaysia

franchisee-ben _ caron


10 years ago, we decided to open a globalart center and here we are today, located at USJ4. I was a music teacher while Ben is a web designer. I never attended any specific art related course but I vividly remember when I was young, drawing and colouring makes me happy. We chose to join globalart as I felt this business has a genuine heart to really give the best art education to its students. Furthermore, it brings joy to us when students improved from time to time. It is a fulfillment in life through teaching young children. Able see them grow and reaching their potential is our greatest desire. As we grow through this 10 years, we also faced many challenges. One of it would be attracting and retaining qualified instructors. I believe many licensee may also facing the same problem but through hook and crook, we always try our very best to overcome this issue. One of the best experienced we had joining globalart is winning the Platinum award for 2 years consecutively. This is really motivates us to perform better and we took this challenge to push ourselves to push ourselves to distinguish how far can we go. Today we are still improving to give the best for our students. We also like to thank the head quarters for selecting us to participate in the study tour to our international centers around the world. We had an opportunity to visit centers in Jakarta and Singapore. This opportunity has broadened up our perspective in teaching and learning and we also gained some knowledge through this outing. We would also like to thank Mr Goh for his life dedication in improving Global Art syllabus and helping us to face challenges.

globalart USJ 4, Malaysia

franchisee-mrs tan


Before joining globalart, I was an accountant for my sister in a family business,however due to my passion for art I was also a part time instructor for globalart centre. In 2001, after much encouragement from my principal and the founder of globalart himself, Mr. Mahair Goh, I decided to ‘kick-start’ my very own globalart centre. Fast forward to 2012, I have two (2) globalart centres now, namely Global Art Sg Besar and globalart Sabak Bernam, both located in the state of Selangor. Just like most people I received my informal art education back in my primary & secondary school, my only formal art education was attending globalart Visual Art Creative Courses, which have opened up my eyes to the systematic methodology of learning and teaching art. Since joining globalart, I have gained not just the art & business knowledge but also invaluable experiences that I have shared with students, parents, teachers and my fellow franchisees locally & abroad through our annual overseas study tours. Back then, as an accountant, I had to work from 9am-6pm and I hardly have time for my family, now with my own globalart Centres, my working hours are more flexible and I can spend more quality time with them. I am glad that I took a bold step 11 years ago and life is so stable, peaceful & complete for me & my family now. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my husband for his support and trust in this business. Without him, I will not be where I am today, Thank you!

globalart Sg Besar, Malaysia

franchisee-ms summer


I first heard about globalart through a friend of mine. She posted the artwork of her daughter in Facebook and I was awed. Since I was also looking for an art class for my daughter, I decided to look it up, and learned that they were also looking for franchisees. One thing led to another, and I ended up with my own center instead. Prior to globalart, I have been a stay-at-home mom for two years, following my nine years of finance work in a multi-national company. Even though I don’t have an art background, I find that the lessons are easy to follow and as long as one is willing to learn, there are steps we can follow to learn the basic. I always tell parents that I’m a good example of what a globalart education can do. If they can turn me, an accountant by profession, learn how to draw a person, what more the kids who are so eager to learn? While I do teach in my center when needed, at this point, I prefer to focus more on marketing since we are quite new in our area (opened in Dec 2010). We are in the southern part of Metro Manila, and people here tend to keep to themselves, preferring to get what they need within the area, instead of going all the way to central Metro Manila. In our 1st 4 months, less than 5 parents came in and knew about globalart. Nowadays, with the heavy advertising done by HQ, and a lot of school and bazaar visits in my own area, most of our walk-ins and call-ins have heard about us. With God’s grace, we hope to see the fruit of our marketing labor by the next summer!

globalart Alabang, Philippines

franchisee-cherry lim


I am in the business of interior designs for 15 years and counting. However my main desires and interests are in art, I believe the training of an Art education pushes me to excel mostly by being creative, resourceful, dedicated, as well as being taught to lead. That is why when I was introduced to globalart I found that this is the answer to children’s learning, development and creativity. To top it off, it is guaranteed that’s students will show much improvement with their skills since Global Art teaches CREATIVITY through its Visual Art curriculum. Those are 2 valuable lessons they will learn. WITHOUT CREATIVITY ONE BECOMES A COMMODITY. This creativity in us needs to be developed. Some have it greater than others due to the mindset, encouragement and support from family and friends. But altogether, if this is not properly developed as children, we lose the opportunity of being outstanding. As part of the program and learning exposure, we have brought students and parents to National & International level Art Competition, this makes us proud when we see them gaining confidence, skills, independence and individuality, that made us want to even work harder. Having parents entrusting their children’s education with us is a fulfilling moment altogether. And then comes the moment when our students win grand championships and top awards, and our experience is indescribable! Mentors place an important role to anyone’s life. It is exactly what globalart teachers are trained for. I will always be an advocate to have people to understand the importance of a good art education.

globalart Makati, Philippines

franchisee-ruth chua


My love for the Arts and for children, along with a timely opportunity, paved the way to a wonderful, fulfilling experience of managing a globalart franchise for the past 5 years. Operating under an established brand name as globalart has positioned us advantageously. Invaluable resources provided include creative art programs, materials and merchandise, an on-going, efficient training program to equip Art Instructors, professional consultation, as well as infrastructure support. It has been our honor to receive the Best Centre Award for the last three years onsecutively. Our team of Art Instructors who enjoy teaching children and have an ever-growing keen interest to explore Art, constantly strive to create a joyful, positive atmosphere of learning for every child. The teacher-student ratio is kept small to ensure personal attention and quality guidance. Children express their creativity in different ways. Art is one of the ‘languages’ with which they share their thoughts, feelings and perspectives about the people and things around them. A child’s art is unique to his temperament and personality, and deserves due respect. Whether a child is naturally gifted, thoroughly enjoys art or has a simple interest in drawing and coloring, the globalart & Creative Program offers a progressive learning experience. Tailored to suit each child’s own pace, the GAC program enhances his self-esteem, stimulates his appreciation of the world of colors, and develops his artistic potential. It is always a joy to walk with a child through each piece of art that he endeavors to create.

globalart Tampines Central, Singapore