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Christine Jacob Sandejas

It was an amazing find. At first I thought it is just your usual art classes that fill up spare time when school is off. Even just after a few classes, suddenly my kids’ creativity blossomed. They became more confident and it started to have positive effects in other parts of their lives. Global Art is the avenue for my kids to learn how to appreciate art. I love globalart’s programmes because they have something for everyone.

Philippines’ swimmer & TV personality

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My wife and I have been trying to get a good art center for my daughter for some time and fortunately a friend introduced us to globalart. After some ‘fact finding’ and a visit to globalart Centre, we decided to enroll our daughter Zi Xuan who has been with globalart for 9 months since. We have no regret sending her to globalart as we can see Zi Xuan’s progress from time to time. Her sense of colour has improved and now she has the confidence to explore colours in many ways, now her art pieces are more interesting, exciting and engaging. Today, Zi Xuan is more initiative and independant when handling school works and extra activities. She will make greeting cards during special occasion for her grandparents and relatives and this gives us a lot of joy knowing how indeprendent and creative she is now. As a matter of fact her interest in art activity has heightened since her enrollment in globalart Creative Centre. Personally, we find that globalart is an ideal art centre to learn art with a friendly environment for children. Teachers are helpful too. Thank You globalart for providing such rewarding Creative Programs and a serice to our community.

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We decided to enroll our daughter Serena in globalart because the distance from home to center is reasonably near. Serena has been in globalart for 4 months. It wasn’t a waste to send my daughter for Art in globalart. I seen great self improvement in her and she has also began to developed an interest in art. Serena has been really independent after sending her to globalart. She is able to sit through the whole class and finish her work with minimal prompting from her teacher. Before that, her teacher will need to prompt her to finish her work. Throughout this duration, I see Serena has also developed creativity in her artwork. She is now able to add in details and relevant patterns into her artwork. These additional details are really unique and different that I never knew my daughter could come out with. globalart provides a top notch program and syllabus that is systematic and easy to be grasped by children. I strongly encourage parents to come visit one of the globalart centers for themselves and experience how globalart can transform their child. Thank you galobalart.

parents-Mrs Tan Michelle


“Mommy, I want to improve my drawing, can you enrol me in globalart?” My son, Ian, said to me when he was about 4 plus. Of course as a mother, I would not want to turn down his request, especially if it is beneficial to him. That’s how Ian started his journey with globalart. In the past 2 years, Ian had developed skills in both drawing and colouring with oil pastel. globalart allows every individual to pick up the skills at their own pace. It also offers students the opportunity to take part in competition locally and abroad. In 2011, Ian took part in the Singapore Global Art competition and emerged 1st runner-up in his category. He was given the opportunity to compete at the International level in Vietnam. Here, I would like to stress that it is not so much about competing, but the experience a child can draw from such competition. This experience was very valuable as it has enhanced Ian’s self esteem and confidence, at the same time, exposing him to ‘proper time management’ and ‘good sportsmanship’.

parents-Looi Ai Peng


9 years ago, I sent my eldest daughter Cherry to attend globalart as an additional activity during her free time without having any expectation. Later did I know, there was a talent in Cherry and her teacher helped to groom her to excel in art. Today, Cherry is studying in a boarding school in Kuala Lumpur, and she is the head of art society in her school. I was told, she is also giving a helping hand to her teachers regarding everything arts in school. Today I see Cherry as an independent girl who takes her work seriously especially with arts. I also saw courage and bravery in her when she competes in competition. Back then, she was timid during competition and these affected her performance. Today, Cherry has been doing really well in art competitions especially the major ones held by globalart. For the past 3 years Cherry was also selected to participate in globalart International Competition, competing in 3 different countries, namely Singapore, Bangkok and Vietnam. Im glad I made a right choice to send my daughter for art classes 9 years ago. Today she is able to draw and paint using various media & technique and this will help her when she continues her tertiary studies in fashion design. Without globalart with its progressive programme by levels, I doubt Cherry will be who is today. Today 2 of younger child is also attending globalart programme.