Mrs. Seline

Before joining globalart 7 years ago, I was a professional make-up artist. Being an art enthusiast, I took an opportunity to venture out from my specialozed zone and joined globalart as an instructor. Out of so many art programmes in the market, I must agree that globalart Teaching & Learning methodology is definately one of the most creative, innovative and systematic art programmes I have ever come across. Not only it is effective in enhancing the creativity of our children, the programmes is updated constantly to suit the latest needs of the learners. The fact that the programme is also implemented internationally in various countries is a testiment that this unique programme is universally friendly!

During the instructor’s teaining session, I pick up a lot of exciting tips and tecniques that will be very useful for me to learn and teach! My understanding about art and benefits that we all can gain fom it has improved tremendously after learning and growing with globalart, besides that I also gain a lot of confidence as an art teacher and as a person. I constantly motivate and encourage my students to believe that everything is achievable if we put our hearts and minds to it. Once you believe, the confidence wilfollow.

I cannot imagine a life without art, it would be really boring and also there will be less inventions in the world if art is not present in humankind. My best moment is when my students receive awards in competitions; it makes my day to know that my effort is valued! I believe with the passion that I have, I can facilitate and guide children to develop the creative and artistic skills that they need to learn, understand and grow up to be achievers themselves.

globalart USJ 4, Malaysia

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I have been in retail business for more than 10 years and I had applied what I learned from my art education. Before I was introduced to Global Art, I never thought it was possible for young kids to be taught visual art and creativity effectively. Even by having Fine Art and Interior Design education background, I thought kid’s art classes were not really meant to learn anything at all since they are so young.

That’s before I got to learn about Global Art. That’s before I got to realize that there is a way and Global Art is it. The exposure and training I got from my art education enhanced my creativity, dedication and leadership. It encouraged me to find ways to share and teach these to others. Global Art teaches creativity through its visual art curriculum. Creativity, I know for a fact, needs to be developed. If creativity is not properly and consistently taught at a young age, the kids might lose the opportunity to be unique and outstanding.

As part of Global Art progressive program, National and International competitions are being held every year. All these training expose them to different level of emotions, improving their focus, confidence, independence and skills. We also know that mentors place an important role in anyone’s life, this is what Global Art teachers are meant to be. I will always be an advocate to have everyone understand the importance of a good art and creativity education, because I do believe “Without creativity, one becomes a commodity.”

globalart Philippines



I have been with globalart for almost 3 years now. I started at globalart Makati in the Philippines in 2009 as a teacher, but recently moved to globalart Philippines HQ as the country’s Master Trainer. I was an editorial and comic strip artist before I joined globalart. My area of expertise is pen and ink and sequential story-telling. My major in college was advertising and I never attended or enrolled in any professional art courses. Children nowadays are so lucky to have a systematic art program such as globalart where they can build their creative and artistic skills from a very young age through its structured program. It makes teaching art to children as young as 4 years old very easy. Now, I cannot imagine teaching art to children without it. The curriculum developed by our founder, Mr. Mahair Goh in Malaysia, made me an even better artist and teacher.

Through the training, I realize that globalart not only offers students the opportunity to learn art, but it also develops the instructors’ skills and their ability to impart their knowledge and skills to students; which is crucial. The syllabus is also constantly updated, providing the latest learning tools for both teachers and students. It truly makes our job as teachers much easier and more effective. What’s more, globalart also makes sure that kids will be able to learn art through a healthy environment of motivation and encouragement through its competitions, a recognized Student’s Grading System, a set of invaluable references in each classroom that students can always refer to and so much more.

I really enjoy teaching at Global Art, and I love teaching kids now. They can really make you laugh by their ideas and things they say in the class. I believe art really opens up a child’s heart and it helps them to communicate better. The fact that Global Art syllabus works and is accepted in 16 countries, proves that art is a universal language that everyone should learn. My best experience so far at globalart is when a student of mine became Grand Champion at our last National Competition. It shows that I did my job well.

globalart Philippines



My first encounter with globalart was in my hometown, Lahad Datu, Sabah back in 2007, at that time I was an undergraduate and to fill my ‘spare time’ I was interested to work as a part time art teacher, soon I was accepted as a globalart teacher. After few months, I left my hometown and started to work as an auditor in Singapore and again to fill up my ‘spare time’ during weekend, I thought of a part-time job and of course the first thing that crossed my mind was globalart! After making some enquiry I was so surprise to find out that globalart is also available in Singapore.

Prior joining globalart, I have never taken any art courses before, but after attending the VACC training which was very systematic and effective, I was able to teach more effectively. To teach young children or a beginner to learn art it really takes a lots of love and patience. My most memorable time was during the International Competition held among globalart network countries, to see our students receiving their awards on stage was a wonderful experience that cannot be described by words, these competitions also gave me the opportunity to travel to India and Vietnam.

Working with Ms. Sufea and Mr. Patrick (Directors of globalart Singapore) is like working with family members, we really enjoyed working with each other and on top of that I have globalart parents and students who treated me nicely. I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very ‘BIG THANK YOU’ to everyone here in globalart Singapore!

globalart Singapore



I have been with globalart since 2004. It has been wonderful these seven years, and I have never looked back since I took a career change. Working with children is a joy as they genuinely display their affection and expressions towards what they like or dislike. I feel delighted seeing a child beam with glee when praised for a good drawing done, or seeing the determination a child has while putting in effort to complete his work with pride.

I believe that we can learn many things from children, for instance how much patience we have, and how to appreciate simple joys in life! By a brilliant chance, I started working at globalart as a part-time instructor. I remembered how I used to enjoy art classes during my school days but I had not taken any professional art courses later on. However, this is a non-issue as globalart provides comprehensive training, giving useful teaching tips and techniques to prepare all trainee instructors. The creative syllabus of globalart caters to individual childs learning capabilities, and helps children to gain confidence in their drawing skills as they progress through the different levels.

To-date, many children have benefitted from the well-structured program. globalart has continued to come up with new programs over the years to entice our students. It is an honour to be able to influence lives positively. I will continue to put my heart in teaching. At the end of the day, I am motivated when I learn from parents that I have made a difference and their childrens art improved tremendously after attending globalart classes!

globalart Singapore